Goose Down Drive

In the clearing beyond the trees

I indeed was quite impressed.

The grand tour brought me to my knees.

There was so much to digest

You're in the house on Goose Down Drive

The holy grail so you'll feel alive

All hodge podge.

Three-car garage.

Everything you need to survive.

There's Pottery Barn at every corner.

You're no longer a Kurt Cobain mourner.

All cleared out from that circle of doubt

Packed in with a lot of drive.

You're all set at Goose Down Drive

At Our Lady of Fatima

With witnesses all around

You broke the bank to book the room.

Then a one eighty turnaround.

But if you feel that moving under,

Will you admit to any blunder?

Say what you want to your little savants.

Who am I to deride?

After all, you're quick to call it when it falters

One would expect that from mother's daughter.

Bolster your heart.

Don't fall apart.

You've got to be sharp as knives.

To save your face at Goose Down Drive

Where everyone's a winner.

No place for beginners

Minding the queen so busy in her hive.

In moments of sheer distress

Some Ritalin at recess.

Leave it up to day care to revive

What's all going down at Goose Down Drive.

For the record, I'm merely standing by

In the home bleachers as muddled tempers fly.

I'll suffocate I swear if stay around too long.

I'll have one more beer too many and then I'm gone.

For God's sake, you could slow down

Before a total breakdown.

Don't get me wrong.

I'd be the first to say you tried.

As daddy was a loser,

A dreamer, and a boozer.

As we watched those pyramid schemes take their dives.

He never made it to Goose Down Drive.

You made it.

You made it.


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