I Just Can't Get Next To You

Is it so hard to fill me in?

And then I see the latest bulletin

Youíre alive with someone new.

Comprendo. I just canít get next to you.

Do I ignore whatís on that phone

And that every venueís a danger zone?

ĎCause I might as well slip on through.

Still baby I just canít get next to you.

Catch The Keith Jarrett Trio up in Newport

Grab a flight down to New Orleans

Where Iíll indulge in some voodoo medicine.

Iíll try to be a good sport

ĎBout the widening of my jeans.

And in the morning not knowing where Iíve been.

As Iíve been graced by this fortune.

Straight from your arms, I am sent on this lone mission

Under skies that are so blue.

But baby, I just canít get next to you.

You kept me hanging on the one act.

Iím a man of great extremes.

And with each layer of happiness Iím puttiní on.

Deep down I know it ainít the same since youíre gone.

Iíll be no fuss.

Iíll accept what is left of the two of us.

It is my fairest review

Considering the crazy things I do.

Cause baby I just canít get next to you.

©2017, 2021

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