Stand Askance

"A nastier version of 'See Where It Goes.'" -- DJG

It's that certain time of day

When we must cross our ways for a living.

The money-ridden times don't leave much choice.

You would think there'd be a break

When one of us could be a little giving.

But instead we dare not raise our voice.

And we stand askance

When indeed we could be closer.

But even the slightest glance

Makes me feel like I'm some kind of bulldozer.

I can see it in your eyes.

Your spirit's been brutalized by the city.

But that's no reason why you got to be so cold.

You sit there poised like some

Madonna or Nefertiti

As your warding off the raider from your gold.

And we stand askance.

Where a step ahead could lead to more closure.

But will we wreck the chance

To ease the minutes of the hours that we both soldier?

You know I always dreamed of days in the sun.

When two can be as one and everything feels free.

But you!

Yeah, you choose to keep my mouth to the gun.

And it ain't too much fun.

Since we can't get beyond what we can't respect.

And we stand askance.

I pray for this charade to be over.

You call it a harmless dance.

But to me it's been nothing but pure torture.

We stand askance

We stand askance.

We stand askance.


Pop Fake