Five-Minute Notice

"You cannot win an argument with an ignorant person." -- Richard F. Gorsky

Pardon my smile that spans the ocean.

And I donít want to cause too much commotion.

So, let me be brief and then Iíll be gone.

But do I really need to lay this all down?

For Iíve already booked my ticket outbound.

Because what Iíve seen around here takes the cake.

For I know it's not my business,

Albeit one in a total blackout.

A flightless bird, if you will, with its head deep in the sand.

I see egos so foul who growl unable to see beyond the fallout.

You know I tried to help, but every suggestion I made was canned.

Itís no wonder weíre damned now.

ĎBeen hearing all this talk of yardage.

Maybe youíve been measuring with garbage.

Your future is bleak at best; sorry to say.

I went along with every stupid plan.

You had my full cooperation

Even though I knew they werenít right things to do.

And now youíre bound to have some questions on

How we can improve operations.

Well, you can send them along, but donít be surprised if I say, ďFuck YouĒ

ĎCause you know, Iím through here!

Well, we didnít do things my way.

Instead we took the nowhere highway.

Better get out now before you all shit your pants.

Weíre past the woulda-shoulda-coulda song and dance.

Thatís my five minute notice because you had your chance.

©2009, 2015

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