Fro, Schnozz, and Legs

"Well you watch yourself...alright?" -- Sandra Corleone

Excuse me, my friend for I've been occupied

And it's breaking up my status quo.

Because everytime I see her my tongue gets tied.

Just a sitting duck in her row.

Will I have it all?

Or is this just another down fall?

Leave it to fro, schnozz, and legs.

Raised on focaccia at Calabria's,

I just like the way it fills her out.

But it's never too much to ever cause a fuss.

Gets her Pilates in when in doubt.

Understand now?

So empathize as I might break a vow.

Blame it on fro, schnozz, and legs.

Now you know why this grown man's gonna cry.

Look at me. I'm all out of steam.

Running around.

Charging up the town.

How am I ever gonna redeem?

Everyone is staff

To the Queen of Bloomfield Ave.

But I must be that chosen one.

Stop it with the speech.

Whatcha trying to preach

About keep staring into the sun?

“Angel delight” could be a paradox

And especially since she fits the mold.

But this cafone's never one to stay in a box.

Trust me buddy, I've been told.

I may stand trial.

Still, I'm gonna walk the mile

And get me some fro, schnozz, and legs.


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