Jodi Makes A Left Turn Here

"Just wrote it. But I had this song title since I was fifteen...Time flies." -- DJG

Jodi makes a left turn here.

Jodi makes a left turn here.

Clock was winding down

It was all getting weird.

Jodi makes a left turn here.

We had the smoothest sail

Along the Appalachian Trail

We came across some rocks

I was all for switching gears

She says, “Baby, I’m outta here.”

It started with a feeling that hit so strong.

But some glitches made you want to the beat the gong.

Then there came the ultimatum, when you say, “So long.”

We could have had a home

And not just a bump and moan.

A lifetime of living and growing through the years

The whole intent was perfectly clear.

She’d rather shoot the dice.

She might pay the price.

All mixed up by the ill word of her peers

Some ears just hear what they want to hear.

Occasionally you can hear those sniffs and sighs.

For no one can resist them Polski eyes.

How can any man ever relieve their cries?

Time flies.

There is nothing like a cutting down to size.

Leaving you empty, weary, not wise.

Here I go putting on that disguise.

Time flies.

Now you’ve seen the evidence

Stripped of all confidence

An ailing heart impaled by her spear

Jodi made that left turn here

She was here.


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