Make Some Room

"What do you give an elephant with diarrhea?.. A lot of room." -- Richard F. Gorsky

[embarrassing cringe] -- DJG, eight-years old

There you pout about.

Perhaps my words can have some clout.

Why the face of doom?

You should make some room.

Because you look so nice,

Basting my eyes with sugar and spice.

My lens has switched to "Zoom."

Time to make some room.

But you have other ideas.

It's taking me light years.

I might as well call it a day.

I like you unguarded.

When you're openhearted,

It's hard to ignore what I say.

With all the earth I've shook,

You still stand there like a rook.

Hey, before the tomb,

Please make some room.

A moping convention is not the intention.

No dent in your world as of yet.

But you know that I know you.

I'll soon overthrow you.

I'll go the cheap route.

Wanna bet?

And then you'll have no choice.

I can hear the trembling of your voice.

Life, it will resume!

We're gonna make some.

Rules, we can break some.

We can make some room.

Let's make some room.


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