People Suck

"Progress is stepping in dogshit and putting it to experience." -- John Lennon

A young man took a flying class.

He didnít care if he didnít pass.

His main concern was flying low

With beaming eyes that would not let go.

All geared up on a Tuesday for that Newark flight.

Vacant guards let him on in plain sight.

Paying customers bonded to put up the fight.

But instead the airportís named "Liberty."

The mayor relished in the fame

As they read the list of names

And hailed the fire truck.

There were warnings all around still we say,

ďWe donít believe it.Ē

ĎCause people suck.

Troubadours sure play their part

As they unveil their lives through art.

Putting up mirrors of our souls.

But on the way they keep digging holes.

Like the shrink spewing bad advice.

Know-it-alls never thinking twice.

We latch on Ďcause in blogs in all looks so nice.

Still weíre whining like Charlie Sheen.

Maybe this race is on the wane.

Itís a runaway train.

But at least itís never stuck.

They say that love is all around

But itís always when you need it

Then people suck.

Iím not bowing to some dumb punk

And having my thoughts controlled.

That boyís been overpaid.

Never made the grade.

Should sell lemonade.

Still I want that one clear voice to keep me in the fold.

Donít be leaving me in the cold once again.

I just need a good friend.

I had a dog named Angelo.

He was my morning cup-a-joe.

Last week I had to put him down.

And since that day, my eyes meet the ground.

Lift me up.

A little nudge will do.

Through the morning hours I must see it through.

If you donít come around,

I wonít be mocking you.

At that juncture Iíll take whatís free.

Because itís of no use to complain.

Itís a wasting of the brain.

Iím gonna push the luck.

So, itís time to buckle down

And just reach into that feeling

When people suck.

©2013, 2015

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