Until I'm In Somebodys Arms Again

"Manilodian" -- Bob Sabin

On a road to better tidings,

Just as quickly as you came

You've made your mind up with a certainty

And no worry, fear, conscience, or blame.

I was in total revelation, thinking we were meant to be.

But now you've gone and it's all new to me.

I only wish that you could see my urgency

That makes me want to call you over to try it a-gain.

That's when I hope to cover every mistake I've made in the past.

How long will this pain last?

Sweet melodies I sang to thee "I love you always"

Once had ruled the day.

But now I stumble through hallways.

Dammed if I know what needs to be done

right all the wrongs that spoiled the fun.

One click of a magic wand and it's all begone.

And now the colors of the sunlight all appear to me the same.

A charcoal world of grey until I'm in somebody's arms again.



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