And The Mystery Woman

"In the room the women come and go. Talking of Michelangelo." -- T.S. Eliot

By the look in her eyes you can tell she's played the fool.

I've been hurt too.

Two people caught up in their own twisted and raw deals.

Love's been overdue.

She looks into the mirror in a photo pose.

She looks so fine and so pretty.

And nothing changes when her eyes are closed.

She feels so all alone.

Then she picks up the phone

And the mystery woman calls my name

She says "Please stay."

She tries so hard just to settle down.

Wonderin' if the right one can be found.

She wants to please but she ain't no whore.

'Cos if it's too easy, than it's a bore.

She strolls along out on the city greens.

And in them smoky bars at night.

All quirky lines and jokes will be redeemed.

She's runnin' out of time. But I've lost my mind.

And the mystery woman calls my name

She says "Please stay."

I wish there was some way I could bring you here.

But it seems we're boxed in our own little squares.

And if we could only break down these walls.

Because you can only rise after they fall.

So put your trust in me and hear my plea.

You won't even feel the motion.

It'll be so natural and carefree.

You won't even hear a sound.

And your feet won't touch the ground..

And The Mystery Woman...


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